The Great South London Brewery Crawl: Part Four (BrewDog Clapham Junction)

Apparently we can’t resist BrewDog. We included the Aberdeenshire brewery’s Camden bar in our very first brewery crawl in North London, and as Kamala and I stumbled towards Clapham Junction station at the end of The Great South London Brewery Crawl we happened upon the Clapham Junction branch of BrewDog. What could we do but taste some beers?

The Beers


L-R: Kingpin, Dead Pony Club, 5AM Saint, Jet Black Heart

At BrewDog Camden, we had mistakenly tried a selection of non-BrewDog beers, so this time we sampled only house brews.

Kingpin Lager

Julie: It’s basically just a lager, and I feel like this blog is ruining my appreciation for ordinary lager. I have nothing bad to say about this, but also not much good. 6/10

Kamala: It’s crisp and avoids the sharp flat taste we’ve had a lot of today. I feel like I could drink 10 pints, though that’s not necessarily a good thing. 6/10

Dead Pony Club

J: It definitely has some bitter notes, but is also quite flavourful. I’ve tasted some better IPAs today so I have to mark it down. 6/10

K: Best beer of the day! Fruity but not a snakebite. Bitter but not sherbet. The Mecca of beer. 8/10

5AM Saint

J: This is less bitter than the Dead Pony Club, and has more flavour, although it’s still quite hoppy. 7/10

K: The name is giving me flashbacks to last night. I can’t think of anything else… 7/10

Jet Black Heart

J: It’s like drinking cold coffee. Very smooth, but I like my beer with a bit more fizz. 6/10

K: This is the coffee I missed out on this morning. It really is the espresso martini of the beer world. 6/10

The Ambience

J: It’s weirdly quiet for a Saturday night, I’ve knocked points off for the lack of tater tots (our favourite item on the Camden menu) and the weird men sharing our table, but added them on for the flights and the friendly staff. 7/10

K: I’m sitting and they have flights, which makes me happy. But there are men talking about sex next to us…do men even have sex? 6/10

For more information on BrewDog, and specifically their Clapham Junction branch, go to

Next time on Beers and Bouts we remain in South London with the Bermondsey Mile. 

The Great North London Brewery Crawl: Part Two (BrewDog)

We made a couple of mistakes in our second stop on the Great North London Brewery Crawl. Firstly, we went to BrewDog, which though located in Camden is not a London brewery (it hails from Aberdeenshire). Our second mistake was that several of the beers we ordered weren’t actually from BrewDog at all (as we asked the bartender to select us a flight without letting her know that we wanted only house beers). But mistakes aside, it was a very pleasant experience, especially the food.

L-R: Arcade Nation, Vagabond, Funky Gold Amarillo, Gamma Ray
The Beers

Gamma Ray (Beavertown)

J: Relatively light and drinkable, with a strong flavour. There is an aftertaste but it isn’t overwhelming. I could drink a pint but wouldn’t want too many. 6/10

K: Due to my need to shove excessive amounts of tater tots into my face, I failed to note Kam’s impressions on this beer. However, she scored it 7/10 so suffice to say they were complimentary.

Funky Gold Amarillo (Prairie)

J: Quite flat and sour, very different to the beers I usually drink but not necessarily in a bad way. It goes down well due to the lack of carbonation but I’m not sure it’s the beer for me. 4/10

K: So sour I feel like I need to eat a sweet afterwards. 2/10

Vagabond Pale Ale (BrewDog) (Gluten-free)

J: Strong hoppy flavour without too much of an aftertaste at first, although it builds. Pretty light and drinkable (N.B. I may have obliterated my taste buds with a jalapeno before trying this beer). 6/10

K: Tastes like it might have gone off. 6/10

Arcade Nation (BrewDog)

J: Interesting to try a stout/pale ale mix, and from what my chili-ravaged tastebuds can tell it’s very nice. The stout’s coffee malt notes take the edge off the hops but it’s still light enough to drink a lot of. 7/10

K: I could drink a pint of it!! What is happening??? 7/10


The Ambience

The bar is quite noisy and echoey, but I like the decor. I like that they serve their flights in long-stemmed glasses as it makes me feel classy. The bartender was very knowledgeable, and I’d definitely come back for tots with the works (chili con carne, jalapenos, cheese and onions). 8/10 just for the food.

Kamala adds: Too many board games!


For more information on BrewDog Camden and other BrewDog bars, go to

Next time on Beers and Bouts, the North London Brewery Crawl continues with Beavertown, Tottenham.