The Great South London Brewery Crawl Part 3: Bullfinch Brewery

Once we finally escaped from Canopy, along with its direwolves and Ribena-beers, it was only a short walk to Bullfinch Brewery, also located in Herne Hill. We reduced our beer consumption here to a rather civilised six. The highlight of this brewery was making Jane sample several different dark beers, for which she may never forgive us.

First flights of the day!

The Beers

Luna Light Pale Ale

Julie (JF): Light, but with some body. Spoiled by a bit of an off taste at the end. 6/10

Jane (JM): I liked it, it’s light as the name suggests. It doesn’t have a huge amount of flavour but it’s very drinkable. 7/10

Kamala (KHB): I like that the name sounds like vagina light (that’s a roller derby reference for you all). It feels like it has some flavour without being boring. 7/10

West Coast IPA

JF: First real hops of the day and I’m not happy. After being able to taste other flavours in the rest of the IPAs we’ve had today, now I can just taste bitterness. 3/10

JM: It tastes like a Guinness in wolf’s clothing. I’m not a fan. 4/10

KHB: So hoppy it makes my nostrils clench. It’s giving me flashbacks to the West Coast breweries so I suppose it’s well-named. A bitter pill. 3/10


JF: Also quite bitter, lacking in the smoothness which many rye beers have. 3/10

JM: This is rank. Who would drink this? Very few redeeming features. 3/10

KHB: The rye at Canopy was so much better. Bullfinch boy bye! (By this point, Kamala had reached the ‘witty reference’ part of the crawl.) 5/10

Notorious Black IPA

JF: Nice coffee notes, taste more like a porter than an IPA. It is a little bitter at the end though. 5/10

JM: It’s too much for me. I just don’t really like dark beers. 4/10

KHB: I think if it wasn’t black I could drink it. Does that make me racist? 6/10

Black Wolf Black IPA

JF: I was quite scared of this one, but it’s really smooth with a good coffee flavour. It’s rather heavy though, so I’m not sure how much I could drink. 7/10

JM: The first sip’s quite nice but I just can’t do dark beers. 4/10

KHB: Weirdly sweet. It feels like a dessert but it’s still better than the Berry Bramble! 5/10

South Eastern Bloc Stout

JF: This is drinkable but I just wouldn’t choose a stout. 4/10

JM: I’m breathing stout. 3/10

KHB: I feel like I’ve just ingested a happy meal. It’s nice, but intense and heavy. 6/10 (on the stout scale)021


JF: They have more tables than anywhere else we’ve been today and they serve FLIGHTS! There’s no real music though, which is a let down. 7/10

JM: It’s a bit like the Starbucks of the beer world. Everyone is very clean-shaven. (Don’t ask me why customers with beards are necessary for the enjoyment of craft beer) 6/10

KHB: There’s a very intense couple having an argument behind me. I think I miss the direwolf. It does have flights though. 8/10

For more information on Bullfinch Brewery, go to

Next time on Beers and Bouts, the Great South London Brewery Crawl reaches its final stop, at Brewdog in Clapham. 

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