The Great South London Brewery Crawl: Part Two (Canopy Beer Co)

After Brixton Brewery, we thought our second stop on The Great South London Brewery Crawl would be the London Beer Lab. We were wrong. As it turned out, someone had not done their research properly (that someone may have been me) and it was only a bottle shop. As you can imagine, we were very impressed.

The beer crawlers find a no drinking zone

Still, we wouldn’t let a non-existent taproom and a no drinking zone keep us down for long, and continued on to Canopy Beer Co in Herne Hill. Here, we fell into a black hole and tried so many beers that I have decided to split this post in half. In this post, I’ll talk about the first six.

I know there are only two beers here. I can count, I promise.

The Beers

Champion Kolsch

Julie (JF): Fairly indistinct flavour and not much body. It’s light and drinkable but it could be a Kronenbourg. 5/10

Kamala (KHB): I was expecting it to be lighter but they brought out the heavyweights. It gets better with every sip. 7/10

Jane (JM): Not too hoppy and yet that’s all you can taste. If I ordered a pint I’d be disappointed! 5/10

Love Walks Small

JF: I was scared because of the facial expressions the other two were making but I quite liked it. A little sour on the first taste but at least it has some flavour. 6/10

KHB: No love, glad I ordered a small. Why do sour beers exist? 4/10

JM: It looks like the slops of other beers. 5/10

Brockwell IPA

JF: It almost tastes perfumed and isn’t insanely hoppy – really drinkable. 7/10

KHB: Sharp again like a razor. Do I like this? Has it been mixed with a sour? Do I have any tastebuds left? 5/10

JM: It has a nice fruity taste and isn’t too hoppy. 7/10

Milkwood Amber

JF: This has lots of flavour, but unfortunately none of it is flavour that I like. 3/10

KHB: It tastes like sherbet gone wrong. I literally would prefer to snort it. 4/10

JM: What is that horrible aftertaste? An unusually sweet beer. (I apparently don’t like sweet beer). 4/10

4Pure Pils

JF: More flavour than I would have expected from a pils, but again it’s quite sweet. 6/10

KHB: Just a bit flat – it tasted like the dregs. 6/10

JM: It’s a summer beer but has a bit of an aftertaste. 6/10

Troy Town Saison

JF: This doesn’t really taste like beer, it’s too sweet and herbal. Maybe we should stop ordering saisons. 4/10

KHB: Is this a beer? Is it? It’s not. Say no to saisons. 3/10

JM: It’s a no from me. Tastes like it’s gone off. 4/10

For more information on Canopy, go to

Next time on Beers and Bouts, the Great South London Brewery Crawl continues with Canopy’s final four beers. 

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