The Great South London Brewery Crawl: Part One (Brixton Brewery)

Our next brewery crawl was uncharted territory for me. We were venturing south. I made a lot of comments like “So this is what south of the river looks like” and “Where’s the nearest tube station?”. Despite this, we all had a lovely time.


For this crawl, we brought along a guest taster. This is Jane. She is not drinking beer in the picture, but she is in a brewery so we’ll forgive her. She also came up with some hilarious comments so she’s welcome back on a brewery crawl at any time.

We started at Brixton Brewery (well actually we started in Wetherspoons, but we will never speak of this again). We didn’t stay long as the tiny brewery was rammed with people, forcing us to sit outside with our legs in the road, narrowly avoiding collisions with passing traffic. But we did manage to taste three beers and jot down some thoughts, even if many of them were about how the beers we were tasting compared to Kronenbourg. Wetherspoons has ruined us.


The Beers

Atlantic Pale Ale

Julie (JF): Light, refreshing, good flavour of citrus and not too hoppy. It would be good for a pub session as it’s a bit more exciting than a Kronenbourg. 7/10

Kamala (KHB): Too fruity for my liking. I hate fruit beer – keep it out of my pint! 5/10

Jane (JM): It feels a bit like a lager that’s trying to be trendy. 7/10

Reliance IPA

JF: Not so many exciting flavour notes in this beer. It’s drinkable but a bit bland. 5/10

KHB: This is a drink for light beer drinkers…like me! 7/10

JM: I quite liked it but I don’t think it’s a beer I’d remember. 6/10

Effra Ale

JF: This has a nice body, but still slips down and is very refreshing. Another fairly boring beer though. 6/10

KHB: It’s like an amber mixed with a Kronenbourg, which speaks to my low level taste. 8/10

JM: I don’t really like dark beers. This is drinkable but I doidn’t really enjoy the taste. 5/10


JF: There’s not much space but I like the fact that it’s obviously a working brewery and the staff are very friendly. 6/10

KHB: We could get run over at any time, this is the ultimate in dangerous beer drinking!. 6/10

JM: I like the music but it does smell a bit like hamster. 7/10

For more information on Brixton Brewery go to

Next time on Beers and Bouts, the Great South London Brewery Crawl continues with Canopy Beer Co. 

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