The Great East London Brewery Crawl: Part Four (Howling Hops)

We finished The Great East London Brewery Crawl at Howling Hops, conveniently located just a couple of doors down from Crate in Hackney Wick. It’s a shame that by this point we were rather sleepy after too many beers and too much delicious Crate pizza, as this seemed like a great place to spend an evening. As it was, we sampled a few beers, compared notes, and made a run for it.


The Beers

Amber Dexter with Coriander

Julie: I can’t say I’m getting any coriander, but this is a nice smooth beer and very easy to drink. I could get through quite a lot of this! 9/10

Kamala: I want to drink this at our bouts. Ambers FTW! 7/10

Howling Pils

J: Very light and easy to drink, and I could keep going on it for some time. But I don’t have anything much to say about the flavour, it’s quite bland. 7/10

K: Slight like dishwater. I want to wash it down with another Pilsner. 5/10

Special IPA

J: Very hoppy but without being insanely bitter. Some citrus notes, and relatively light and drinakable. 6/10

K: Special in all the right ways. This is my favourite IPA of the night. Other breweries, you should leave IPAs alone. DIPA, WTF?? 8/10


The Ambience

J: Still no flights, but I love the tanks. The music is good if a bit loud for beer nerds trying to compare notes, and there’s tonnes of space (unusual on this tour). 8/10

K: Best music all day and there are loads of attractive women dancing really near me. 7/10

For more information on Howling Hops, go to

Next time on Beers and Bouts, we begin The Great South London Brewery Crawl at Brixton Brewery.