Las Vegas Special: Banger Brewing

As mentioned in my last post, last week I was in Las Vegas at RollerCon with a large group of roller derby friends old and new. I also mentioned that I would be strapping wheels to my feet. In the process of strapping wheels to my feet and doing the roller derby thing I decided that a rational response to being hit would be to do a back flip (cool) and land on my ankle (less cool). I spent the remaining three days demanding that my friends push me around in a wheelchair (it was only a sprain, the wheelchair was perhaps unnecessary but I like to think that they enjoyed it).

But before Backflipgate, Kamala and I had time to check out a Las Vegas brewery, Banger Brewing on Fremont Street. We had just been on the Slotzilla Zoomline, a 114ft high zipline over the Fremont Street Experience and decided to reward ourselves with beer. Everyone needs beer after doing something incredibly fun, right?


The Beers

El Heffe (Jalapeño Hefe)

Julie: I can smell the jalapeños and taste them too. This is a good beer, very light without overpowering spice despite the flavour. 8/10

Kamala: Incredibly sharp and hoppy for a hefe, almost painful to drink. It’s a bit like drinking washing-up liquid. 5/10

Perfect 10 (Pale Ale)

J: I’ve had a lot of IPAs now and this is definitely not my favourite. Although it’s fairly light, the toasty flavours that they mentioned are only really evident when you search for them. 5/10

K: Oh America, the land of extremes, ruined by syrup. Can I get it in diet? 6/10

One-off Series: Amber with Cocoa Nibs and Orange

J: Very strong orange flavour coming through right away, fresh and not too sweet but it tastes a bit artificial. 5/10

K: Oh god, all my worst fears colliding. Did they add squash to this? I’d prefer a stout. 4/10

DTB (Brown Ale)

J: It’s smooth with a strong roasted coffee flavour, but I’m not really getting the caramel or chocolate promised so it’s lacking the nice syrupy edge some of these beers have. 7/10

K: God, what has happened? This beer is my favourite. I blame East London. It’s refreshing (for Vegas) without too much of a sweet aftertaste. 7/10

Hefeweizen (most imaginatively named beer of the night)

J: This is nice but it does not taste like a hefeweizen, it’s basically a strong Pilsner. I could drink quite a few but it is not as advertised so I’m removing points (I should point out that my love affair with beer started in Austria, so I’m picky about my hefeweizens). 7/10

K: A classic of our time, nice and crisp to taste, super enjoyable, slightly flat hoppy aftertaste but otherwise great. 8/10

Morning Joe (Coffee Kolsch)

J: It’s definitely like drinking coffee, quite sweet and perfumed but they did promise hazelnut and caramel flavours and they add to the enjoyment. Very light too despite the sweetness. 8/10

At this point we had to rush off to meet our friends at a nearby casino, so none of us will ever know what Kamala thought of the Morning Joe, or what we either of us thought of the ambience at Banger Brewing. But personally I would recommend Fremont Street, the Slotzilla Zoomline and Banger to any future visitors to Las Vegas. Spraining your ankle comes less highly recommended, so I would suggest not trying to combine roller derby and gymnastics. 

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