We Brought Beer Tasting Night

This week I bring you something entirely different. Well, not that different, it’s still a list of beers which Kamala and I tasted with our opinions and ratings, but it’s different because it’s not part of a beer tour.

Kamala’s friends Kylie and Claire invited us to We Brought Beer, a craft beer shop in Balham for a tasting night. The shop had invited a brewer from our old favourite brewery Beavertown to show off some general Beavertown beers and some new specials. The results were mixed, as you can see from the below video.

We tried five beers in all, but the first was a Neck Oil, which we already reviewed during our Beavertown visit, and which I had drunk far too much of on my birthday outing on Saturday.


The Beers

Peacher Man (Peach Cobbler Wit)

Julie: I quite like it, it’s sweet and wheaty but not overwhelmingly so. It doesn’t taste like a 6.2% beer though, so it’s dangerous for that reason. 7/10

Kamala: I’d prefer a peach. It’s still hideous so pleased it’s in small enough amounts to drink through and dodge. (I don’t know what Kamala scored this beer, but I’m guessing it was low).

Yuzilla Phantom (Sour Ale – yes, the one from the video)

J: It’s very sour, kind of like drinking lemon juice. I used to drink lemon juice as a kid so you’d think this would be great but the sample makes my stomach hurt. 4/10

K: I hate sours, God is punishing me! My taste buds no longer work, I think I just drank a gulp of sea water!! 3/10

Black Betty (Black IPA)

J: It’s quite syrupy and smoky, with strong coffee notes. It’s pretty light but it stings the back of my throat a little on the way down which is not what I’m looking for in a beer. 7/10

K: Coffee, I’m revived!! Is this refreshing I can’t tell? 8/10

Kamala then went off on a tangent about the potential hotness of the brewer, but neither of us have the requisite interest in men to confirm this. Instead, I bring you this gem from Claire, who described the Black Betty as tasting ‘like a weak espresso martini’. Claire may be a better beer critic than either of us.

Tempus Project (Barrel-aged IPA)

J: We had a bad experience with barrel-aged beer at One Mile End, but this didn’t taste of neat bourbon which was an immediate count in its favour. It was very light but with lots of flavour and although I was initially unsure of the aftertaste it definitely grew on me. 8/10

K: Fave of the night. Almighty gritty after taste..but best experimental beer I’ve had ever. 8/10

Next week I will be away in Las Vegas strapping wheels to my feet and throwing myself into pools (not at the same time though). We will return with your regularly programmed brewery crawl updates the week after. 

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