The Great East London Brewery Crawl: Part Three (Crate)

After a shaky start, The Great East London Brewery Crawl improved as we ventured further into Hackney. My hangover was by now a distant memory, and we were making better beer choices. Crate, in Hackney Wick, was one of our favourite stops, despite the fact that it was now bucketing down with rain. We’ll have to return when the weather is better, although judging by the current state of the English summer that may be sometime never.

(Also, an apology. In Crate I got distracted by the giant pizza which I ordered and again forgot to note most of Kamala’s scores. I am now so paranoid about repeating this that on our last bar crawl I asked her to tell me each score at least six times.)


The Beers

Saltaire Kardinal

Julie: Flat and also pretty hoppy, which is not a great first impression. I don’t think I’d drink too much of this. 4/10

Kamala: We’ve only ordered flat beers, and I think this one is really easy drinking.

Crate Golden 

J: Fairly sweet, and goes down well. It’s a little bland but is very easy to drink. 7/10

K: Light and almost fruity – like drinking a banana. It’s good and not boring.

Crate Rye

J: Rye is another first for us, this is unusual but not in a bad way. It has a strong flavour without being overpowering and I could keep drinking it for a while. 8/10

K: It has the flavour of a porter with much more smoothness. 7/10

The Ambience

J: I’m not a big fan of the music, but I am a big fan of the pizza so that makes up for it. I like the outdoor area with its big tables, ideal for sharing with a big group. 7/10

K: Why is it raining?! Still, there’s a good vibe here, and zero children.

For more information on Crate, go to

Next time on Beers and Bouts, the Great East London Brewery Crawl makes its final stop at Howling Hops, Hackney Wick. 


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