London Brewers’ Market: Rocky Head Brewery

A couple of months ago, Kamala and I decided to embark on the Great East London Brewery Crawl. But before we reached any actual breweries, we hit up the London Brewers’ Market in Spitalfields Market. The day did not get off to a good start. I had spent the previous night dancing to Taylor Swift in a warehouse until 5am, and my hangover did not appreciate the bright sunlight, the crowds or the inordinate number of hipsters (I know, I blog about craft beer and am in no position to complain about hipsters, but I don’t make the rules, the Hangover does). Nevertheless, we decided to make the best of the situation and sample some beers from breweries which were too far away to shoehorn into a Great Brewery Crawl.

We started with the Rocky Head Brewery, from Southfields. ‘Where the fuck is Southfields?’ reads my first note of the day. As it turns out, it’s in Wandsworth.

Look at those crowds. Just look at them.

The Beers


Julie: So bitter it actually makes me shudder. There’s an aftertaste too. It might be citrus, but it might also be lemon-scented Fairy liquid. 1/10

Kamala: That is the definition of a motherfucking hop. It hurts my mouth. I don’t even think I could drink a pint which is incredibly rare for me. 1/10

White Island

J: I’ve been wanting a wheat beer for ages. This is good, but not quite what I wanted. The fruit notes come across a little bitter, I’m getting more orange peel than orange. There’s nice depth though, and a good sweetness at the end. 6/10

K: I’m just a bit disappointed by it. 5/10

We drank our beers outside because it was sunny and there was less danger of me killing a hipster there.

The next London Brewers’ Market will be at Field Day in Victoria Park on 11-12 June. For more information, go to: For more information on Rocky Head Brewery, go to:

Next time on Beers and Bouts, we continue to take on the London Brewers’ Market with Hop Stuff Brewery from Woolwich (don’t worry, we do know where that is).

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