The Great North London Brewery Crawl: Part Four (Wild Card Brewery)

The Great North London Brewery Crawl ended in Walthamstow, at the Wild Card Brewery. It involved a trek across parts of Walthamstow that we didn’t know existed (though to be fair I don’t know most parts of Walthamstow) to another industrial estate, and then a swift cab ride to the engagement party afterwards when we couldn’t resist staying for ‘just one more’.

We weren’t able to sample all of Wild Card’s playing card-themed beers, but we tried the ruby (Jack of Clubs), blonde (King of Hearts) and porter (Ace of Spades).We’ll have to come back for the IPA (Queen of Diamonds).

L-R: Jack of Clubs, King of Hearts, Ace of Spades, Venus Weizen.
The Beers

Jack of Clubs

J: Strong malty flavour, but not unpleasant ( though I know I like the stronger beers more as I get further into a session). Quite smooth and not too heavy, I could drink a pint but not go on all night. 7/10

K: I could drink a pint but not much more – it has quite a metallic aftertaste. 6/10

King of Hearts

J: It’s smooth and goes down well, but I’m not keen on the flatness. It’s also not the most exciting beer I’ve had all day. 6/10

K: I love blondes…in bed and in beers! [Can you tell we’d been drinking for a while by this point?] This one slides down. 9/10

Ace of Spades

J:  Initially strong coffee notes, doesn’t start too heavy but settles on the chest. Fairly drinkable, but another beer I wouldn’t want to drink too much of, especially as it leaves an aftertaste. 6/10

K: It’s like a flat beer to get you going the morning after the night before, but that’s all. 5/10

Venus Weizen (brewed by Gyle 59 to celebrate and promote women in brewing)

J: I was expecting a classic wheat beer, but this is a dark wheat which is a bit of a shock. It has more coffee notes (theme of the day today) , and a not too heavy texture. I want to like it more because of the women factor, but I’m not a big fan. 6/10

K: I’m not sure what this is actually but it’s well done. Well done women. 8/10

The Wild Card beer fridge
The Ambience

J: Despite the walk, I really enjoy the ‘middle of an industrial estate’ vibe so top points for that. It could do with some more seating and the staff were initially less helpful than elsewhere but the one offered beer advice while we were discussing the tasters at our table so maybe we shouldn’t judge all of the staff on the one who served us. Also they love playing The Beatles (in case it wasn’t clear, that is a good thing). 7/10

K: I can imagine spending a really long time here. 8/10

It was very dark and I was quite drunk

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