Hello internet, I’m back with another outpouring of possibly mindless drivel.

I am Julie (or Julie Slamdrews in the derby world). I’ve blogged a few times before, about travel at From Russia With Mixed Feelings, about journalism at Destination Fleet Street, and about life in general at From Julie With Mixed Feelings. This came with moderate amounts of success and support, especially from my father, who was convinced that I was bound for stardom from the moment he read my first blog post.

This time around I am going to write about two topics which are very close to my heart: roller derby and beer. I want to say that it will only be about craft beer of the very highest calibre, but this will probably turn out to be a lie as I have already tried some lagers on roller derby excursions which can only be termed interesting and which will probably sneak into the blog at some point.

This blog will also heavily feature my partner in derby-watching and beer-drinking crime, Kamala. This is us drinking 7am airport Stella (Kamala on the left, me on the right). Sometimes our taste is better than this, but that is by no means guaranteed.


A whole host of other characters may appear at some point, most derby-related, but some random men who we meet in pubs. They will be introduced as and when they need to be.

Happy reading!

Julie xxx



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